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Become a Twitter User : Assignment 0

The first assignment includes two parts: 1) becoming a Twitter user and 2) becoming a Twitter dev user.

Becoming a Twitter user (if you haven’t)

  • sign up a Twitter account
  • post a tweet
  • post a tweet that uses hashtag (may consider using #secondtweet)
  • follow others
  • look at the trends
  • try search
  • reply another user (if you don’t have anybody in mind, you can try me @alan_ritter)
  • find some cashtags

If you have already had a Twitter account and tweeted before, you can discover your #FirstTweet by this widget Twitter launched in 2014. It brings back memories.

Becoming a Twitter dev user

  • follow the Step 1 in this Twitter API tutorial to sign up for Twitter dev account
  • and follow the Step 2 and 3 to make your first connection to Twitter API!