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Twitter’s Language Mix : Assignment 1 (10%)

This assignment is due on Friday, January 31, 2019.

This assignment includes using Twitter’s streaming API, an off-the-shell language identification tool and data visualization. Some of the questions are open-ended, which means that there is no single best answer (do the best you can) and the grading will not be strict. You are encouraged to think creatively and go above-and-beyond in this class.

1. Get >=10k tweets from Twitter Streaming API following the instructions on Twitter API tutorial
2. and check:
  • are all tweets LangID tagged (what %) by Twitter?
  • how many different language tags provided by Twitter?
  • what % is each language?
3. then install/run and check:
  • how many different language tagged?
  • what % and Twitter’s API agree/disagree?
  • what kind of tweets/languages do they disagree?
4. what about tweets in US?
  • what % is each language?
  • what % of tweets are geotagged?
5. draw some fancy plots
  • For example, the language mix in Twitter like the Figure 5 and 7 in this paper
  • Matplotlib is a Python package for plotting, here is a simpe guide of Matplotlib.

Pack your data and code into a zip file named like, that contains a *.py file which is your code that can outputs the answers in the order of questions with some brief text to be self-explainable, and a few image files for question 5 or possibly code to generate the plots. This is not a strict requirement — think what is the clearest way to present your homework that the TA or instructor can understand and check easily. Submit your homework in OSU’s Carmen system.